Welcome to the website of Bristol Model Car Club – we are a group of radio-controlled car enthusiasts who enjoy racing our cars, with the emphasis firmly on having fun. We race on-road RC cars all year round at the Patchway Labour Club (see here for directions) – racing on lovely grey Prima GT carpet. The cars we race fall roughly into the following categories:

On Road

Touring Cars – 1:10 scale, 4WD, such as the Tamiya TT-01, Associated TC6.1 or Serpent S411 running 17.5T motors in ‘Blinky’ mode.

GT12 – 1:12 scale, ‘Pan Car’ type chassis, such as the Mardave VRX CEC or Schumacher SupaStox, running 13.5T motors with a 1S LiPo battery, or 21.5T motors with a 2S LiPo battery.

GT10 – 1:10 Scale ‘Pan Car’ type chassis, such as the Associated RC10R5.1, running 10.5T motors with a 1S LiPo battery.

12th – 1-12 scale ‘Pan Car’ type chassis, such as the Associated RC12R5.1, running 10.5T motors with a 1s LiPo battery.

Mini – 1:10 Scale Tamiya M-Chassis (M03 & M05), running a 20T HPI ‘Saturn’ motor or the Muchmore Clubman 20  and either 6-cell NiMh or 2S LiPo battery.

Note – If you have some other scale of electric car that you would like to race please come along. As long as we deem the car safe to race on the carpet we will find a heat for you to race in.


RC Car racing in Bristol, UK